Nepal Energy Foundation

Desk Research Study on “An Appropriate Model of Investing Remittance: A Case of Nepali Labor Migrants to Korea under EPS Scheme”

The study was supported by HELVETAS Swiss Interco-operation and was carried out by NEF being a part of JV with Phulchoki Energy Pvt. Ltd. The study aimed to explore appropriate mechanism to channel remittance in investment based on experiences and expectation of Nepali labor Migrants to Korea under EPS Scheme.

Promotion of Good Governance Service in Baluwa Community Rural Electricity Users, Kavre

Nepal Energy Foundation conducted an orientation training to Baluwa Community Rural Electricity Users, Kavre, on 14th and 15th of April, 2016. The objective of the J workshop was to introduce general concept ¢ of good governance being specific to the pillars of governance in energy sector with due focus on legal, financial, social and technical accountability of the energy service providers. Altogether 28 participants including executive members of Balua Community Rural Electricity Users, and members of local CBOs took part in the training, out of which 5 were female.

Initiation on Role of Provincial and Local Government in Energy Access

Nepal Energy Foundation in collaboration with Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-Nepal (ISET-N) organized a discussion program on “Role of Provincial and Local Government to Energy Access”. This discussion program brought together the experts of (rural/ renewable) energy sector and local government to present and explore their views and discuss about the role of provincial and local government for providing access of energy as well as energy security to Nepalese, and share the effective role and responsibility of local and provincial government for doing so.