Nepal Energy Foundation

Micro Hydro Power User’s Network

NEF has facilitated for formation of, National Mini/Micro Hydropower Users Society Nepal (NAMHUS), a national network of Micro Hydro Power Users of Nepal, and is registered at the Government of Nepal. The network will work as an association to address common issues, challenges, and a forum to raise collective voice of MHP users. MHP Network represents the micro hydro users of all over the country, and will work for energy security, and economic benefit for far end rural communities adopting evidence-based advocacy and 14 lobbying. In one hand, the network will work for technical and managerial capacity enhancement of the MHP users (e.g. grid synchronization technology of micro hydro, synchronization policy, tariff, and easy access), and on the other hand, the network will support for promoting productive use of electricity and create more economic opportunities within their locality by the use of locally generated electricity, and will support in sustainability of micro hydro plants.

Women Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE)

NEF has facilitated for formation of Women Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE) and is — continuously working for its promotion. With the aspiration of NEF in institutionalizing women’s efforts in energy and environment, WoNEE was formed on 3rd September 2017 for promoting women’s access in policy process and decision making. It has been expected that WoNEE will be able to generate a collective voice of women in energy and environment, socialize the issue of women and make it a national agenda. WoNEE is present in almost all provinces and its network isexpanding in municipalities and rural municipalities rapidly. Thus, through the use of its social mobilization capability, WONEE is expected to improve the economic status of women and establish an effective advocacy mechanism to make women friendly energy policy, and create a continuous mechanism to mainstream gender issues in energy sector.