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A. Areas of Expertise

Policy analysis

Nepal Energy Foundation has a team of energy and legal experts who have a long experience in the sector and are proficient on energy sector policy review, analysis, and providing recommendations.


NEF has a competent advocacy team and mechanism for effective advocacy on energy, climate, and social inclusion. NEF is also capable of, and have been conducting capacity building activities and preparing tools and techniques for the same.

Capacity building and economic empowerment

Capacity development is one of the major competencies of Nepal Energy Foundation. NEF has been providing its expertise in capacity enhancement of professionals working in energy sector, users of energy, and the service providers. NEF is also capable of promoting economic empowerment through providing support for selection of energy-based enterprises, and their design. More specifically, NEF is capable of providing knowledge and skills for promotion of energy-based enterprises using local resources, especially to women and rural population.

Electricity distribution system planning and design

NEF houses a robust technical team for conducting study of electricity distribution system. Major expertise of the team is in load research study, electricity distribution system design, analysis, evaluation of losses in the existing system, identification of measures for loss reduction, and recommendations for improving the quality of electricity distribution system.

Gender Mainstreaming

Gender equality is a major issue considered by NEF. NEF has expertise in preparation of tools and techniques for gender mainstreaming, and is capable in facilitation of gender mainstreaming initiatives.

Research / Study

NEF is proficient in conducting the studies related to energy sector. Research capability is both in grid and off-grid, and the major expertise are in technological, policy, social, economic, and institutional aspects.

B. Focus Areas