Nepal Energy Foundation

Research on “Green and Inclusive Energy in Nepal”

Green and Inclusive Energy (GIE) is a five-year strategic partnership of Hivos with the Dutch government, & launched in 2016. This is an advocacy & and lobby program funded by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to support a transition towards green and inclusive energy systems not only to better meet the energy access needs of the poor and reduce climate change, but also lead to improvement in the family health, food supplies, income and opportunities for women in order to allow them to participate more productively politically, socially and economically. NEF had conducted research on “Green and Inclusive Energy in Nepal” with the support from Practical Action. Major objective of this research project was to generate qualitative and quantitative empirical evidences for informed policy making process in energy sector which will be used to implement effective lobby and advocacy strategy and intervention in energy policy making process. The project started from September 2017 and ended on December 2017.