Nepal Energy Foundation


NEF was established with the aim of providing efforts for making the energy sector of Nepal sustainable and has been successful in starting some initiatives as envisioned. NEF have been able to start few major initiatives that are of great importance to entire energy sector, to the society, and the nation.

With the view that energy projects bring knowledge and opt for one-time implementation or implementation during the project period which would make sustainability uncertain, NEF has been advocating that sustainability can only be assured when issue holder work for themselves by themselves. With this vision, facilitation for forming two networks have been done: National Mini/Micro Hydro Power Users Society Nepal (NAMHUS), and Women Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE). As a result of NEF’s continuous support and effort in capacity development, both of the networks have been able to be established as one of the influencing institutions in the renewable energy sector of Nepal who speak the voices of grassroot people in energy. And, NEF considers that a lot is yet to be done to make both of the networks to become influential in policy level.

Policy analysis


Capacity building and economic empowerment

Electricity distribution system planning and design

Gender Mainstreaming

Research / Study